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The prices of waste plastic bottles and other waste products have risen.

I visited a number of waste recycling stations and found that the prices of waste products have begun to rise, but the prices in various places in Beijing are not uniform

in Wanliu Middle Road, Haidian, a waste buyer told him that the price of his recycling was 5 cents for each plastic bottle, 1 yuan for each kilogram of newspaper and 2 yuan for each kilogram of scrap iron. In another street only 200 meters away from him, the price offered by the waste buyer was 8 cents per plastic bottle, 80 cents per kilogram of newspaper and 2 yuan per kilogram of scrap iron

after grinding and repairing the plunger and cleaning the internal oil passage, the conduit connection was restored to the original position for repeated experiments, and the fault basically disappeared, but the loosening speed was not as fast as that in Tuanjiehu area, Chaoyang District, upper chuck, and the recycling price of these wastes changed slightly. But every buyer said that the current waste prices have increased slightly compared with the beginning of the year. It is understood that at the beginning of the year, the price of plastic bottles had dropped to 3 cents a kilogram, while the price of waste newspapers was 5 cents a kilogram. The buyer told us that the current price had lasted for oneortwo months. Around May, there was a surge in the price of scrap steel, but now it has begun to fall back to a stable stage

although the price has risen, these waste collectors walking around the streets are not very optimistic about the future. The current price is far lower than that before the financial crisis. The buyer Xiao Zhang said that before the financial crisis, plastic bottles could be sold for 1.1 yuan each. When scrap iron was at its highest, there was 3 yuan. I don't know when it will return to that price. Clue/close up of Mr. Sun

people - I learned to walk with multiple legs

Lao Wang, from Henan, is the owner of a waste recycling station near Suzhou bridge, Haidian. From last year to now, he admitted that he had experienced a roller coaster like life

in his recycling bin, there is still a large amount of waste steel, which was recycled at the price of 3 yuan per kilogram in those years, worth hundreds of thousands. If you don't return to 3 yuan per kilogram, you will never sell it. If you sell it, you will lose money. Lao Wang said that many recycling companies are like this. As long as the working capital is enough, you will never cut meat

Lao Wang said that there was a great risk of not cutting meat, because once these scrap iron rusted, people would not want it. Fortunately, the market stabilized and he saw some hope. He said that at present, his business is to recycle some and sell some. At least he won't lose money and can make some money

at the most difficult time, Lao Wang didn't think about changing his profession to do other business. The difficulty of this profession means that other industries are not easy to do, and it's useless to change anything. But now he began to think about transformation. I had to learn to walk on more legs. So there are small restaurants and car washes outside his recycling bin

the roller coaster life made Lao Wang learn how to look at macroeconomic development, which is his biggest gain: if I collect more, it means that there are more leftovers and more people building houses. The overall economic situation is good. Now it is the case, so I am confident

why did the waste paper import volume decrease in 2018? Although the recovery of waste paper prices did not increase the confidence of buyers, it enabled many Beijing citizens to start a new round of waste paper business

the price rise is an opportunity for most citizens who once hoarded waste products to make money. Mr. Liu, who lives in Wanliu District of Haidian, is one of them

the balcony of my house is full of bottles. Mr. Liu has always been in the habit of picking up waste bottles and saving newspapers. However, due to the drop in the price of waste products last year, Mr. Liu was not willing to sell them. I spent half a day picking up bottles in the basketball court and the peel box. As a result, the three bottles were only 10 cents, which was not enough for me. Mr. Liu believes that the price of waste products can certainly rise, so he has been hoarding until now

however, he has also started selling these wastes recently. I just accept what I like. If I wait for the best price, my family really has no place to stay. Mr. Liu thinks that as long as the waste price is worthy of his own efforts, it will be done. After all, there is no cost, just earn a little

the price actually rose to 15 cents. In November last year, it was only 7 cents. When Mr. Sun, who lives in the west area of Jinsong Xikou, asked the waste buyer, he found that the price of each waste plastic bottle had doubled. Different from Mr. Liu, his first idea was to hoard waste products again

Mr. Sun said that he was a bus steward. He often collected waste plastic products left by customers on the bus due to work reasons. Last July, Mr. Sun began to stock up on newspapers and plastic bottles when he saw signs of rising prices of waste and used goods. Unexpectedly, during the Olympic Games, the price of waste products began to decline. He decided to bear it and wait until the price rose. Unexpectedly, there was another financial crisis

by last November, Mr. Sun had saved more than 200 bottles, but the price of each bottle was still about 7 points. Mr. Sun had no choice but to cut his stock because he could not save so much waste at home, and because he was unsanitary and often recruited mosquitoes and flies

since then, Mr. Sun has never sold any more waste bottles. On the one hand, there are almost none at home. On the other hand, I am too lazy to pick them up. But now, he began to ponder the deal again: I guess the economy is recovering, and the price of this waste product has to rise again. For this reason, Mr. Sun started to hoard waste products. I hoard at least 100 bottles and dozens of kilograms of newspapers a month, waiting for a good price

industry analysis - the reasons for the rise in waste prices are different

for the current rise in waste prices, the relevant personnel of Haidian District recycling company believe that this time of year is the peak season for waste recycling, and the waste prices will rise to a certain extent, but this does not mean that the overall market has changed fundamentally. The owner of a private waste recycling station believes that the rise in prices means that the city torsion bar spring fatigue testing machine has a very important role in the production process of all torsion bars and gradually stabilizes. He said that he had not lost money at present, and even started to make money. Our industry is a barometer. If we receive more, it means that the economy is getting better

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