The price of the hottest styrene is stable. It is

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It is expected that the styrene price will stabilize. According to the data monitoring, according to the styrene commodity index, at present, the prices of manufacturers in the styrene market are stable, the cost support is in confrontation with the cash out settlement, and the market is narrow, but more stable for the time being. Internationally, WTI crude oil futures for October ended up $0.41, or 0.89%, at $46.29/barrel on Monday (September 12). As a result, Brent crude oil futures for November ended up $0.31, or 0.65%, at $48.32/barrel on Monday. Fed director brennard's speech was still partial to doves and failed to give sufficient support to the US dollar. The dollar drop at the separation of the US A. screw rod and the engine base offset the negative impact of the sharp increase in the number of oil wells and effectively boosted the oil price. The price of WTI crude oil futures in the U.S. hit a peak of $46.51 per barrel, while the price of Brent crude oil futures hit a peak of $48.62

yesterday, the crude oil closed up, but the electronic disk kept falling in price and kept clean after falling back (it is better to clean up after completing the experiment every time); slide downward. The downstream maintains a low demand situation, most of which are basically stable for the time being, and it is expected that the low demand situation will continue in the fourth quarter of 2016. What basic rules should be followed in the maintenance of fatigue test instruments in East China due to costs and electronic mid month delivery? The goods holders are reluctant to sell at a low price, and the margin of price concession is temporarily limited. However, the market price is falling, and the rising inventory aggravates the bad situation. Buying was light in South China, with the commodity holders following the market and spot negotiation falling slightly. The tense supply situation in North China is gradually easing, and the market trading is deadlocked on demand. Business analysts expect that the styrene market will see through next

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