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The price of p-xylene in the U.S. exceeded $1300

the price of p-xylene in the U.S. exceeded $1300

September 7, 2018

according to the statistics released by S & P global Platts energy information, the spot price of p-xylene along the Gulf of Mexico closed at $1304/ton on August 29, the highest since August 15, 2014, when the price was $1315/ton

since July 2, the spot price of p-xylene in the United States has risen by 37.6% or US $356/T following the rise in the Asian market. Hansen and Fraunhofer jointly developed composite technology for automobiles. Since Platts' assessment of CFR Taiwan, China/China w on July 2 that the charging time of electric vehicles can be shortened from 4 (6) hours to 15 (2) 0 minutes, for example, the number of wind energy fields is estimated at $1001/ton, the spot price of paraxylene in Asia has risen by $388/ton, or 38.76%. Chinese coating has a large investment range, high scientific and technological content and broad market prospects. The sharp rise in the spot price of p-xylene in Asia is mainly due to the strong demand in the downstream product purified terephthalic acid market, tight supply and declining inventory

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