The price of the hottest toilet paper rose by 156

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The price of toilet paper rose by 15.6% a year! Insiders: US inflation rate may rise sharply

release date: Source: CCTV finance

according to the report of us cable TV, driven by the rising price of wood pulp, the manufacturing cost of toilet paper has increased. In the past year, the price of toilet paper in the United States has increased by 15.6%

analysts in the pulp industry said that the pulp price had risen from US $606 per ton in September last year to US $907 per ton in April this year. Never in the history of the industry have we seen such a substantial increase in renewable and resource rich plant materials every year. It is understood that about 70% of the pulp used by American tissue manufacturers is imported from Brazil, and about 30% is imported from Canada

it is reported that the rising price of pulp is the latest example of the US economy facing a shortage of raw materials. Previously, there was a shortage of wood, steel and chips in the United States. The shortage of a variety of production raw materials has made market participants warn about the prospect of US inflation. The improvement of conductivity of structural adhesive resin system can improve the performance of large offshore wind turbines. Some analysts said that the inflation rate in the United States may rise sharply. By the middle of next year, the inflation rate may rise to 3% to 4% while coal enterprises strive to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In March this year, the inflation rate in the United States was 2.6%. Start the oil pump to adjust the pointer and aim at the zero point of the dial

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