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The 8th China e-commerce Regional top ten cattle business roadshow competition, this roadshow activity was exclusively sponsored by Yidun doors and windows, and Mr. Zhang Longwei, chairman of Yidun, won the first place in the roadshow of the competition with his super strength

On the afternoon of December 27, the Eighth China e-commerce Regional top ten cattle business roadshow (Foshan) and the launching ceremony of the "CCTV China entrepreneurs" Foshan competition area were grandly held at the South China Sea Garth hotel. This roadshow was organized by yidunmc www.yidunmc Com exclusive title sponsorship, Mr. Zhang Longwei, chairman of Yidun, won the first place in the road show of the competition with his super strength

(the picture shows the poster of the roadshow competition of "top ten cattle merchants")

as a single benevolent information group that strives to build a brand of "cattle merchants" of China's new business group, in 2009, it first proposed the concept of "top ten cattle merchants" to spread the culture and value system of cattle merchants, with the purpose of making traditional enterprises "cattle" on the Internet. The rise of cattle merchants shows the wisdom of transformation and Reform in the mobile era. "Love learning, enjoy sharing, pay attention to dedication, and grow together" is the learning purpose of the national cattle chamber of Commerce

"top ten manufacturers" gathered elite wisdom and focused on showing the soft power of major traditional manufacturing industries, but not all brands can win this honor. Major enterprises need to participate in learning, online voting, and roadshows in each sub division to determine the final top ten in the country. In the 8th China's top ten e-commerce bull merchants selection event jointly held by niushang.com, Shanren information, Niushang chamber of Commerce, etc., Mr. Zhang Longwei, chairman of Yidun doors and windows, with his deep brand foundation and high popularity, proudly advanced to the 10th place in the national online voting selection and successfully entered the final of the top ten bull merchants roadshow, Chairman Zhang Longwei launched the most powerful impact on the "Oscar in the e-commerce business" - the top ten cattle business competition with strong strength

(the picture shows the list of the champions of the 8th Foshan top ten cattle business roadshow of China's e-commerce)

looking back on the day of the roadshow, Mr. Zhang Longwei, chairman of Yidun doors and windows, as a speaker on the 1st, fully mobilized the atmosphere on the scene with his passionate and infectious speech, he said, "At first, Yidun windows and doors didn't use the network, like blind flies, they couldn't find the direction of promotion on the network, and a large amount of money invested in the network couldn't stimulate a little splash. Later, after learning the specific operation mode of Internet +, the company set up a network department to collect and analyze user data on the network, timely adjust the network promotion strategy, and the way of attracting investment changed from the initial personnel to large-scale" sweeping the streets ", It has become a more close link between dealers and customers. The efficiency and cost of investment attraction have been greatly improved, and the performance has achieved considerable growth this year. " In this roadshow, his professional attitude and enthusiastic speech in the field of e-commerce won warm applause and appreciation from the guests

at the same time, Yidun doors and windows organized a family and friend group of nearly 200 people on the scene to cheer chairman Zhang Longwei. The participants worked together and shouted: "Niushang... More and more influential... Come on; Yidun doors and windows... More and more strong... Come on; the door and window industry... More and more powerful... Come on!" Such a strong lineup makes Yidun full of confidence and highlights the profound cultural heritage of the enterprise

(the picture shows Mr. Zhang Longwei, chairman of Yidun doors and windows, delivering a "bull dealer" speech)

finally, with the strength of Yidun doors and windows that can't be underestimated and the outstanding speech ability of chairman Zhang Longwei, Yidun won the first place in the fierce competition for bull dealers in the road show

(the picture shows "Niushang" award ceremony, and the second on the left is chairman Zhang Longwei of Yidun doors and windows)

in order to implement the major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on environmental protection supervision, Guangdong has carried out a series of inspections on illegal sewage discharge enterprises this year, and a "wave of shutdown and remediation" has quickly been triggered in various regions. Foshan is the most important production base of industrial products in the country. Under the pressure of inspectors, many enterprises in Foshan have fallen into various difficulties, such as being ordered to limit production, forced to shut down, interviewed by the government, removed leaders, production and business suspension, etc. but they can only "celebrate the Festival" in advance. How did Yidun doors and windows break out of this environmental storm? The following will continue to reveal the secrets for you

with high-end door and window manufacturing technology, Yidun doors and windows from Germany has built a production base of more than 40000 square meters. It is a leading enterprise in the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows such as push-pull doors and windows, casement doors and windows, aluminum wood composite doors and windows, multi-functional composite windows, folding doors, sunshine rooms, etc., and has strong enterprise strength and brand advantages. Among the traditional enterprises in Foshan where the environmental storm continues to ferment, Yidun doors and windows, which pays attention to environmental protection and healthy production, stand still, climb step by step, meet the assessment of environmental protection inspectors with a normal attitude, successfully pass various environmental protection monitoring projects, maintain a normal production Festival, strive to sprint for the order target at the end of the year, and win the exclusive title sponsorship right of the road show of Foshan top ten cattle merchants with strength. It can be seen that Yidun doors and windows, which are good at meeting difficulties, have the competitive advantage of enterprises in the top ten cattle business competition, and the road to King building is already in hand

(the picture shows the relatives and friends of Yidun doors and windows group taking pictures with Chairman Zhang)

on the way to make the king, Yidun's hegemony depends on strength! As a simple and stable traditional enterprise in Foshan, the success of Yidun doors and windows stems from finding out its own development positioning, being good at transformation and upgrading in combination with its own situation, conforming to the trend of the times, quickly reacting and changing, actively embracing the Internet +, and finally understanding Internet marketing, playing with Internet operations, and actively opening up a new e-commerce market

under the personal leadership of chairman Mr. zhanglongwei, Yidun doors and windows has cultivated a strong e-commerce team and created a rising number of orders! As the only contestant in the door and window industry, Yidun door and window won the honorary title of "king of cattle merchants", which is well deserved. Its strength is strong enough to boil the whole Foshan and shake the door and window industry

(the picture shows a group photo of Yidun doors and windows' cattle merchants' competition roadshow relatives and friends)

this cattle merchants selection activity can fully attract the government's attention, help promote the implementation of policies, lay a strong shot for Foshan's traditional manufacturing industry, at the same time, it also shows the network marketing achievements of Yidun doors and windows, create an excellent publicity opportunity for the company's image, corporate culture and original products, and enhance brand value with roadshows, The investment promotion naturally rolled in, and the good results and follow-up influence were gratifying

(the picture shows Shaobing, the spokesman of Yidun doors and windows)

without execution, there is no competitiveness. With the strong support of the exclusive naming of Yidun doors and windows, the road show of the top ten cattle business competition came to an end. Although Yidun has made gratifying achievements, it still said that it will not forget the original intention of the enterprise, maintain gratitude and continue to forge ahead, comply with the development of the Internet + era, create more high-quality products, and demonstrate the enterprise strength of the "top ten cattle business"

Yidun security doors and windows has won the "top ten brands of doors and windows" for five consecutive years. Villa sunshine room customization and high-end sunshine room customization manufacturers are sincerely recruiting aluminum alloy doors and windows to join agents around the world. What are the brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows in Zhuhai and Shantou





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