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How about Dongyirisheng? When it comes to decoration, I believe that many owners do not know where to start, and some owners do not know how to express the decoration design style, so before decoration design, we must determine the decoration style, which can be specifically understood according to the communication with the designer. How about Dongyirisheng? Today, I want to share with you the most popular decoration cases in 2017, so that you can enjoy them. Come and have a look

1. Case name: Ruicheng

area: 110 square meters

decoration style: Modern and simple

how about Dongyirisheng? Through wood flooring, white paint, ceramic tiles, these simple materials show the simplicity and simplicity of the owner. The warm light source with warm background color is selected for the light, and the light and shadow can more clearly depict the details of the hand painting

2. Case name: international city

area: 155 square meters

decoration style: simple Chinese style

is Dongyirisheng good? Customers don't need cumbersome furniture. They designed traditional simple wooden furniture and wood lines. Although the design of lamps and lanterns is simple, it reflects customers' taste. The color of vases and flowers used in decoration is space

3. Case name: Ruifu

area: 120 square meters

decoration style: American style

is Dongyirisheng good? Only one line and light wallpaper are used in the space to outline a quiet and comfortable living environment. The light sources of several downlights and main lights are in line with the owner's simple and quiet personality. Not monotonous

4. Case name: Pingshan

area: 320 Ping

decoration style: Neoclassical style

is Dongyirisheng good? The space uses a lot of stone mosaic, wood and wallpaper to make the whole space full, making the large space better used. At the same time, wall lamp, spotlight and table lamp are also added to make the light richer and brighter




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