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The window position at home is too empty to be wasted. Are you still worrying about how to transform the floating window? Ashley home fan benefits, a variety of bay window design big release, so that the chicken rib space looks beautiful and practical

it's too wasteful to have empty windows at home. It's better to make a floating window cabinet. The owner can design according to his own needs, such as tatami style, card seat style, or combined dressing table, etc. Different designs make the function of the bay window different, making the chicken rib space look beautiful and practical

today, Xiaoyi will introduce to you several floating window designs with both charm and strength


powerful storage of the bay window

insufficient storage space at home? It is a wise choice to include the storage function in the design of the floating window. In the bedroom window, a low cabinet, card seat and combined bookshelf are designed. Without major changes, the original state is retained, and a storage cabinet is designed at the bottom


the living room is fashionable and simple, and the floating window cabinet

the windows of the living room can be transformed into a fully functional reading area and leisure area. This floating window space looks simple and fashionable, full of leisure and comfortable feeling


tatami floating window cabinet

a small room less than 10 square meters with floating windows can be customized with tatami to create a space with the functions of study, bedroom, tea tasting room and play room


reading space of the floating window

friends who love reading set up an embedded Card Holder + bookcase at the window to increase the storage space and create a reading area. When reading, they can also make full use of natural light to protect their eyes


embedded floating window cabinet

there is a recess at the window, and the embedded floor cabinet combined bookshelf can be designed, which can not only use the space reasonably, but also enhance the aesthetic feeling of the room

there are display cabinets, storage cabinets and door closets. After customizing the cabinet at the bay window, it's more spacious. It's a good enjoyment to hold pillows, taste tea, and read books


take a rest at the corner of the bay window

sit in front of the bay window in the afternoon, the sun gently sprinkles on your body, taste a pot of good tea alone or twoorthree relatives and friends, read a book you have always wanted to read, talk with your friends, and narrow the distance between you

you don't need too many complicated decorations. Put some cushions you like, put a small tea table, and match it with some small pieces, so you can enjoy a good time quietly


tatami combined floating window cabinet

tatami combines floating window space to further expand the range of activities. Because of the strong storage of tatami, you can pack it up quickly after every play. Quiet can also be a place to study and work


symmetrical bay window cabinet

the master bedroom space is relatively compact. Except for the wardrobe, other furniture is difficult to fit. Through customization of the bay window area, multiple storage cabinets can be added, including books, sheets, children's toys, etc


card seat floating window cabinet

simple floor cabinet storage cabinet makes perfect use of this space and makes this place look neat and beautiful. The internal structure of the cabinet can be designed according to the use needs, which is very humanized


floating window combination cabinet

floating window cabinet extends to the dressing table, and the closed cabinet and open cabinet can be customized. Combined with the storage cabinet at the window position, the storage capacity also increases slightly

the floating window in your home can be transformed and arranged in different ways, becoming a very practical floating window space, with fresh style and practical functions, and also giving you an emotional, relaxed and self-contained small world

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