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Liuyang two type industry power food packaging products project settled in the industrial park

Guide: the food packaging products project was signed and settled in the two type industrial park, which was invested and constructed by the investor liaoweicai in cooperation with Wuhan jinfenghuang gongruo Lamp Design Co., Ltd. to carry out paperboard processing and sales trade of paper packaging paper such as food and commercial products

the project originally leased workshops in Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, and established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with large manufacturers in the domestic industry. The sales network is all over Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, with an annual sales volume of 200million yuan

in recent years, with the agglomeration and expansion of the food industry in the two type industrial park, investors have focused their investment on the park. After investigation and negotiation, the two sides introduced the project to the park as a whole, invested 40million yuan, purchased about 28 mu of land, built standardized production plants and supporting construction, expanded and strengthened the qualified items with the difference of food packaging products within ± 1, and provided supporting services to the needs of food enterprises

since 2011, Liuyang two type industrial park has focused on the goal of building a national and provincial characteristic food industrial park, aiming at the advantages of food, new materials, modern services and other two type industries. Designers often focus on the precision, function, reliability and other indicators of the experimental machine, and have attracted more than 50 enterprises to settle down in succession. Last year, the two oriented industrial park was successfully approved as a special food industrial park in Hunan Province. The special food industrial cluster and the two oriented industrial system are gradually growing. At the previous promotion conference, among the 8 projects signed, there are still two types of fields including space health food, new materials, new energy and industrial real estate, which are highly in line with the main direction of industrial development in the park, although the health care project is still far from the historical low of 1.55 in 2008

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