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Liupanshui Liuzhi special zone streetlight maintenance vehicle leasing is not good enough

Liupanshui Liuzhi special zone streetlight maintenance vehicle leasing is not good enough

Guizhou Zhongqiao bridge and tunnel maintenance Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 with a registered capital of 10million yuan. It is a professional service company for highway maintenance. Its business scope mainly includes: Bridge and tunnel maintenance and reinforcement; Including crack repair, bearing replacement and leakage water treatment; Maintenance and replacement of bridge and tunnel facilities; Rental of aerial vehicles and Bridge pick-up vehicles. Under the leadership of chairman duzubin, the company has developed rapidly. In 2017, the Sichuan Branch of Guizhou Zhongqiao bridge construction and tunnel maintenance Co., Ltd. was established, and in 2018, the Yunnan branch of Guizhou Zhongqiao bridge construction and tunnel maintenance Co., Ltd. was established. It has more than 60 bridge inspection vehicles, including "truss" and "boom" with a maximum working arm length of 24m, It can complete various inspections of bridges with more than 4 lanes up to several 10 tons, such as ordinary steel. The test force of the largest electronic universal testing machine in China is 1000KN, and level 1 machine repair work can be completed. More than 60 aerial work vehicles and lifting platforms. With rich experience and excellent technology of refined mineral oil, the enterprise is favored by quality inspection institutions. The resistance technician team has 20 engineers and more than 300 construction teams. It has cooperated with Guangdong Communications Group, Guizhou Road and bridge group, Guizhou bridge group, Yunnan construction investment and Yunnan communications investment construction group. It can provide day and night services to meet all kinds of urgent, difficult, difficult and heavy maintenance projects

street lamp maintenance, bridge maintenance, monitoring maintenance, high-altitude, outdoor advertising, high-speed road signs, indoor high-altitude decoration, outdoor glass curtain wall maintenance, engineering construction, plant construction, equipment maintenance, industrial installation, high-altitude, bridge maintenance, etc. Aerial work vehicle is a kind of applicable aerial work machinery that lifts operators, tools, materials, etc. to the air through the operation platform for various installation, maintenance and other operations. Gaoyao aerial work vehicle rental company belongs to both general motors and engineering machinery, and is an important construction equipment

the main businesses of the company include aerial work platform rental, elevator rental, lift car rental, aluminum alloy scaffold rental, aerial work vehicle rental, scissor aerial work platform rental and various aerial platforms rental. The purpose of aerial vehicle leasing is to "take safety as the foundation, service as the purpose, and customer as the center". The goal is to create a first-class professional aerial operation equipment leasing company, be responsible for the society, satisfy customers, and become a trusted partner of friends everywhere

with regard to the Guangzhou aerial work vehicle rental market, a large part of foreign customers are typical rental customers, while in China, more customers choose to buy their own. However, considering the small number, high price and tight construction period of aerial work vehicles, more and more domestic enterprises whose hollow pier formwork assembly should meet the requirements of formwork assembly accuracy turn to leasing companies to lease aerial work vehicles

based on the attitude of "meticulous construction and excellent products", the concept of "safety as the foundation and unimpeded as its own responsibility", and the development idea of "road maintenance as the main line and diversified operation", the company uses the modern enterprise system and improves the legal person structure to build the maintenance company into a modern maintenance enterprise with standardized operation, strong technology and innovation. Our company will take "being the guardian of China's transportation infrastructure" as the belief, establish a high sense of responsibility for the owner and the society, and sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life to create brilliance hand in hand


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