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Liurenwei: a Sany excavator operator who boarded the CCTV honor hall liurenwei: a Sany excavator operator who boarded the CCTV honor hall China Construction machinery information a few days ago, the CCTV large-scale excavator can effectively reduce the impact on the electromechanical oil pump at the moment of starting and loading. Once the program "challenge impossible" was broadcast, it aroused strong repercussions in the society, and praised the Sany excavator's performance and excavator. Liurenwei, an employee of Sany, has become the focus of attention of the national audience. People admire him for his difficult moves such as walking on a tightrope and crossing a unilateral bridge. Behind these halos, there is a plain but extraordinary story about him. I had the honor to talk to liurenwei and listen to him tell the story behind challenge impossible

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"subtle to breathing rhythm changes"

"the biggest challenge should be to cross a single side bridge. The bridge deck is only 45 cm wide. A 7.5-ton excavator can only walk in front by a single side crawler, especially at the connecting groove. It is difficult to control the shaking of the excavator." Liurenwei frankly said that when he was on such a big stage for the first time, he breathed with "wheezing"

"operate the excavator. 2. when the stretching speed should be lower than the stretching speed machine during brittle ductile transition, a slight action error, even the change of breathing rhythm, will affect the balance control of the excavator. If there is a slight difference, the machine will fall from the top." Liu Renwei believes that it is the most difficult challenge to not only control the tension of the body, but also pay attention to the changes of the road ahead and make accurate judgments

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"when walking the steel wire, it feels more like swinging with the excavator on. The steel wire rope is soft. When walking on such a heavy excavator, the rope shakes badly." Speaking of walking the steel wire, liurenwei could not see the steel wire rope under the track in the cab at that time, so he had to rely on his driving experience to adjust the balance of the excavator

"national treasure" operator

"I have been working as an operator for 5 years. I have done a lot of projects to drive excavators from the south to the north, but I only knew how to drive excavators at that time." He frankly said that after coming to Sany, he really understood how to operate the excavator, from the most basic parts to the performance of the excavator


"when I first entered Sany, I would like to discuss with you today that I was still a high school student. To be honest, I felt a little inferior at the beginning," liurenwei said with a smile. At that time, I was embarrassed to say which school I graduated from

"now I am also an undergraduate. In fact, a low starting point does not mean anything. You can run faster than others." From 2007 to now, liurenwei has obtained a bachelor's degree through his own efforts and has become one of the few experts in performance testing in the excavator industry

now, every excavator of Sany has to be tested, experienced and corrected repeatedly until he thinks the performance has reached perfection. Everyone jokingly said, "Master Liu has the final say whether the excavator works or not."

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for his achievements, liurenwei expressed his gratitude to the company and his colleagues. "Sany has given us a free platform for us to study for free; second, we have learned a lot from our surrounding colleagues and suppliers." After coming to Sany for nearly 10 years, liurenwei frankly said that he had gained a lot and lived a full life

thank your family for their company and support

"thank you very much for your support and don't have time to give too much company." in 2012, Liu Renwei was transferred to Sany Port Industrial Park. Liu Renwei's wife also quit her job and accompanied him to port to take care of his daily life

"I hope to take them on a trip. I promised them many times, but they never realized it." liurenwei claimed that he was a man of his word in the company, but a "dishonest" person in front of his family

talking about his future expectations, he said that he wanted to become a world-class expert and make the testing of Chinese excavators reach the world's top level. "Parents are the biggest role models for children who are quick and good. I hope my efforts can set a good example for children."

relying on his superb operating skills, he completed the difficult movements of excavator walking steel wire and crossing the unilateral bridge, and successfully ascended the hall of honor of challenge impossible; He relied on his own efforts, from high school students to undergraduates, from Sany excavator experimenter to excavator industry testing expert; He constantly challenges himself, achieves himself, and constantly creates miracles in life on the way of chasing dreams. (this article is from Sany)

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