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Liuzhou booth is eye-catching. The new products of Liugong show their charm. The Sixth China ASEAN Expo was grandly opened in Nanning, the capital. The Liuzhou delegation headed by Chen Gang, Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, and zhengjunkang, mayor, participated in the event on an unprecedented scale with about 1500 people. At this Expo, most of the exhibits of Liuzhou enterprises were self-developed new products, which fully reflected the charm created by Liuzhou and became a highlight of the Expo

it is reported that Liuzhou participated in the 6th China ASEAN Expo, which means that there are 22 enterprises that can use graphite to enhance the structure, most of which are automobile and parts, machinery and electromechanical enterprises, highlighting the characteristics of Liuzhou Industrial City. At the Expo, 22 exhibitors came up with new products independently developed to attract the attention of merchants

at this Expo, Dongfeng Liuqi launched a medium and high-end light truck, cltruck 609, which is synchronized with the world's advanced level. Its cab adopts keel frame structure for the first time in the domestic B. fixture application in the field of high-efficiency medium and light trucks. The key parts are made of high-strength steel plates. The doors and door frames are made of integral stamping forming, and the frame is lightweight, all of which adopt the world's cutting-edge technology. Dongfeng Liuqi also exhibited 14 commercial and passenger vehicles such as Longka and Jingyi at the Expo, with a booth area of 880 square meters, which is also the largest booth in the outdoor exhibition area

at this Expo, Liugong exhibited 11 mechanical products. This year, Liugong's newly developed B230 bulldozer appeared in a large exhibition for the first time. Different from most similar products in the market, it adopts high-end technologies such as hydraulic control, electronic monitoring and modular design for the first time. Affected by the international financial crisis, the growth rate of international market sales in industries similar to construction machinery fatigue and stress rupture slowed down this year. However, Liugong responded positively and bucked the trend. In the first three quarters, the sales of loaders, excavators and rollers were 19890, 1507 and 620, of which about 2000 were exported. It is expected to achieve the target of 10billion yuan of sales revenue ahead of schedule this year. At present, Liugong has first-class dealers and 8 parts centers in more than 80 countries overseas, and new progress has been made in international market development

it is also reported that during the project signing activities of the 6th China ASEAN Expo, which ended yesterday afternoon, Liuzhou signed a total of 9 projects with a total investment of 36.1: 9.6 billion yuan without experiments for a long time

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