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On May 29, Levin paper announced that Lilong, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, entered into a master agreement with the seller best eternity recycle on how to select and use the cement pressure testing machine, pulp and Paper Company Limited, liwenzhen and liwenli. According to this agreement, the group can purchase, and the seller group can sell pulp board, roll and any supporting or related pulp products from time to time. The term of the general agreement is from July 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2021. The product pricing is determined by reference to the quotation of an independent third party

according to the general agreement, the annual upper limit during the agreement period is as follows: through the analysis of the measurement process of the force measuring lever calibrated tensile testing machine in the six months up to December 31, 2019, it can be seen that the monthly annual upper limit is 1.2 billion ports, the annual upper limit is 2.4 billion ports by December 31, 2020, and the annual upper limit of the three stars by December 31, 2021 is 2.4 billion ports, which always adhere to the principle of "big plastic that will not change for ten thousand years"

according to the information available, best ethics recycle pulp paper is an affiliated company established by Liwen paper in Myanmar. Liwenzhen and liwenli are the daughters of liyunqiang, the founder of Liwen paper

according to the investigation of the internal staff of the paper industry, the best ethics recycle pulp paper company is taking an important initiative in Myanmar to lead the transformation and upgrading of China's petrochemical industry and move towards the medium to high level. The company is located in Yeni paper plant, Bogu province. Yeni paper mill is the second largest paper mill in Myanmar. It has two smaller pulp production lines with a total capacity of about 30000 tons. It was previously reported that Yeni paper mill has been seeking cooperation. Now, the partner may be Liwen paper

as early as a year ago, Liwen paper began its layout in Myanmar. On may18,2018, liwenjun, President of Levin paper, led the team to visit the chief minister of Bagu Province in Myanmar. The two sides had a consultation and Discussion on the construction of a large paper mill in Bagu province. It is reported that Levin's new factory in Myanmar covers an area of about 3.4 million square meters. The factory will be subject to the management and distribution of the provincial government. If the factory plan can be implemented, 3000 local people will be selected to China for one-year training. The investment of the whole plan is about US $3.4 billion

Myanmar is rich in wood and bamboo resources and has excellent seaport conditions. More importantly, Myanmar can normally import waste paper resources from the United States, Europe and Japan without restrictions. In addition, compared with other advanced provinces in China, the paper industry in Yunnan Province, China, which is connected with Myanmar, is also at a backward stage. There are few large pulp mills, and more than 50% of the paper products need to be transferred from other provinces. Therefore, the base paper produced in Myanmar can be directly supplied to southwest China such as Yunnan Province in the future

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