Chongqing guante looks for spokesmen in the whole

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Chongqing guante is looking for a spokesperson in the whole city --- sign up for endorsement and receive endorsement fees. Give each other a chance to make you and me more beautiful

the whole city is looking for a guante spokesperson - sign a endorsement and receive the endorsement fee

give each other a chance to make you and me more beautiful

time: April 7, 2016 - April 30, 2016

place: Longxi Juxin mingjiahui b2-50/51, Yuanyang Juxin Meijia home century city 3b31/3b49

free raffle in the store

all guests who enter the store during the event, If you are willing to publicize the content of this activity, you can participate in a free lottery

high end umbrella kitchen three piece peeler bottle opener red envelope

early booking is more cost-effective

for guests who make a reservation during the event, from the date of the reservation, guests who pay a deposit of 2000 will be calculated by adding 100 yuan per day. For guests with a deposit of less than 2000, the daily increment is 50 yuan

discount history has never been in the forefront

during the event, the positive price of solid wood products in the store was all 6.5% off, and the plate products were all 6% off

burst to scream

original price of Westway (door + cabinet body): 2060 yuan/m2 burst price:? Yuan/m2

David (door + cabinet) original price: 2460 yuan/m2 burst price: 1280 yuan/m2

Milan molded door + cabinet original price: 2060 yuan/m2 current price 980 yuan/m2

buy a complete set if you don't reach 10000!!!!? 999 yuan/set

snow white 2m*2m, other standard parts

endorsement? Receive endorsement fee? What conditions? What treatment

you will naturally know when you enter the store

free single award

customers who have booked more than 3000 yuan can participate in smashing golden eggs to win the 4999 yuan free single award once, pay 6000 yuan to draw twice, pay more and draw more, no more than three times, and 100% win the prize

Special Prize: one 4999 yuan free grand prize

first prize: one 32 inch brand LCD TV

second prize: five 1999 yuan brand mountain bikes

third prize: Ten 999 yuan hanging ironing machine/tea bar machine

Fourth prize: one copy of 20 guante umbrellas/three piece kitchen set

note: the products of this event are subject to the physical objects in the store





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