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As soon as many owners arrive at the decoration company, they ask: how much does it cost to decorate this set? Some simply said: how much is it to do according to this effect picture? Designers often encounter such customers will be confused, unable to distinguish between the southeast and northwest


price is a very important factor

effect drawing is also the way to best reflect the design ability

you can completely quote a low price, let you start construction first

but we didn't do that


quotation! Is a very rigorous thing

businesses are responsible, and it is also necessary to tell each owner:

how much do you need to decorate like this

if you make such an effect, what kind of technology is needed

if you want to do better, what building materials and models are needed

…& hellip;

quotation is not a joke

today, the cost price of the decoration industry is becoming more and more transparent

what materials and processes did you use &hellip& hellip; Everyone knows it

how long can companies with low quotations attract customers and frequent additions last

the decoration industry is indeed different from other industries. It is not a pure commodity trading process, but a process that integrates customer requirements, gives full play to the imagination of designers, matches different house types and materials, plus on-site construction management and the participation of construction personnel of various types of work, so that it can be changed from production to commodities

many people often like to say that they don't look at the process, but only the result. This may be useful for other industries, but for the decoration industry, it is extremely irresponsible for both businesses and customers

some customers often ask such questions when settling accounts: you see, my family is similar to so and so, but how can I spend thousands more than his family

when you walk into a customer's home, it's all for nothing. It's really nothing. I don't know. Everything is done by decorators. It's just that many things can't be seen. For example, water and electricity, wall building, wall repair, waterproof and moisture-proof, wall inlay, ground leveling and other concealed works. Even a little ceiling was painted white

for example, from the following pictures, you can see that the original decoration quotation really can't just look at the surface, let alone the results, otherwise you will wronged others. This ceiling looks like it doesn't need a lot of materials, but insiders will find that only arc-shaped parts need several large core plates to dig. Add a depth of 50 cm. It is conceivable that the construction is difficult to deal with the three centimeter panel on the bottom floor. With the gypsum board treatment on the upper layer, the workers and teachers are even more anxious. Who can calculate the price of this shape if it only looks at the surface? If you only look at the surface, the following shape will be a white arc ceiling after it is successfully made. But you may feel more comfortable if you see the internal structure clearly. Both the materials and the labor cost are amazing. How can people who don't do decoration know how difficult it is to make gypsum board arc. The hanging bars of the flat ceiling below have not been completely completed, and all of them will not cost less than the plane. After success, the customer only sees a white top, which is no different from the original wall

the following figure was originally made of small squares on the original roof, but it was found that the roof was super uneven during construction, so we had to add a layer of flat ceiling, and then make small squares. These small squares look really simple, and they are really not worth a lot of money. Maybe you will say: it's OK to make them with excess waste, which is not a cost at all. It's true, but have you calculated the labor cost? Let's put the carpentry aside first. The labor cost of one item will be 20 times higher than the normal. Think about how difficult each detail of these small squares is to do, such as clearing edges, grinding, picking seams, straightening, and internal and external corners. Fortunately, despite the loss, it was 100% recognized by the customer and his friends. Of course, this is also making money. Take a look at the following simple sauna board ceiling. How much does the internal structure cost. Originally, I thought the inlay of this shape had been done very well, but after installing the lamp, I found that it was far from enough




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