How to extend the service life of customized soft

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In Tino, a soft bag background wall must be made, but I don't know how to maintain it? Don't worry

in Tino, there must be a soft bag background wall, but I don't know how to maintain it? Don't worry, the most complete soft bag daily maintenance skills, quickly collect

1. Dust

if there is dust on the surface of the soft bag, first clean the surface with a feather duster, then wet it with a clean towel and wring it dry. Wipe the soft bag repeatedly, so as to restore the cleanness of the soft bag

2. Stains

soft bags are not like wood and other materials. If there are stains on soft bags or hard bags, you can wipe them with wet wipes first. Alcohol, Tianna water and other chemicals are not allowed in the cleaning process. It is recommended to clean them with a mixture of detergent and water with a rag, and then wipe them with a clean rag

3. Scratch

if there are small wrinkles or scratches on the soft bag, you can rub the soft bag with clean hands, add grease with appropriate body temperature, and slowly rub it gently with your hands

if it is made of leather and other materials, you should first ask about the leather when purchasing leather care fluid. Don't use it immediately after purchase. First test whether it is applicable at the bottom or inside of the soft bag. In the process of daily maintenance, take care of the maintenance oil at any time, which can extend the service life




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